Hotel & Hostel Rules Agreements

Señor Frog's Hotel & Hostel and its’ employees are not responsible for any physical or psychological damage you may suffer during your stay. Similarly, we are not responsible for any of the events listed below:

  • We are not responsible for any delay or cancellation in flights, transportation or other services purchased by the guest.
  • In the event that a guest becomes sick during their vacation or if they have to interrupt their stay, any medical or hospital expenses will be their responsibility.
  • The hostel is not responsible for external cases such as, but not limited to: social upheavals, failures in the electric current due to the weather, complaints, losses, changes or cancellations of flights, delays or dissatisfaction; likewise, natural events. In case of natural disasters / environmental contingencies, the hostel is not responsible for any kind of medical or material expenses that may take place during the event.
  • The hostel is NOT responsible for stolen, lost or damaged objects, objects or personal belongings placed in lockers, left in beds, rooms, common areas, kitchen or any other place within their facilities.
  • The hostel has security cameras that record and save video footage, however, we are not responsible for lost or forgotten objects in these areas, taking into account that everyone is responsible for their own belongings.
  • The hostel has their own tour providers and other services, therefore, we are not responsible for any/all services provided by third parties such as travel agencies, tour guides, transportation services, etc. including but not limited to the quality of the service as well as the payment for them.
  • The hostel has available parking outside the front of the property. Furthermore, parking is on public property and will be at your own risk and the hostel shall not be liable for any theft or damages to the vehicle or any items left inside. The hostel disclaims responsibility for damages, losses, total and / or partial thefts that may occur within its parking area.
  • It is not allowed to introduce drugs and / or narcotics, weapons, pyrotechnics and flammable liquids to the hostel and it is strictly forbidden the use or consumption of them, so any person who is caught not complying with the aforementioned will be consigned to the corresponding authorities.
  • Out of respect for others, the hostel adheres to a “quiet time” policy starting at 10:00 pm hours daily. Refrain from listening high volume music inside the bedrooms.
  • The guest has a tolerance of 60 minutes after the Check Out time or a late Check Out fee of USD 10 will apply.It is not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages from outside of the hostel to any of the rooms or common areas.Refrain from having immoral activities in the dorms.
  • It is forbidden for any guest, visitor or collaborator to access the facilities with drugs or weapons. Equally, the consumption of drugs and/or narcotics are prohibited in the hostel and in nearby public areas.